Top Ten Tricks of the Trade. If you'd like more detailed information, feel free to send me an email:)


The Hello Song

Birthday songs handout

No is no... (Frases Importantes)

Can you loan me? (Frases Importantes)

If you're not quite sure.. (Frases Importantes)


Guard your time. Let the kids wait until you're ready to come and greet them. Let them pick up their paper on the way in so you don't have to take the time to hand them out.
Use an advanced organizer on the board and give instructions to let the kids pick up their own papers, etc.

Take Turns

la bienvenida

el oso

el oso cards on chalk tray.jpg El oso cards on the chalk tray for each class period. Draw names for next person's turn to take the oso home.


No name or class period goes in the 'Whose is this?' basket. Absent kids check their class periods' folder for work. Extra copies of handouts go in the 'shoe holder' on the wall. This way, absent students can find what they need when they return.




$100,000 pirámide


Download the puffin browser for iPad and you'll be able to do Adobe flash activities on the iPad.



Some of my favorites

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Some other online resources.